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Our Services 

A partnership to fortify your organisation's cybersecurity capabilities.

CyberSecurity Services & Consultation

Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) consulting offers expert guidance in developing robust GRC programs. This involves identifying, assessing, and managing risks, formulating policies and procedures, and establishing monitoring systems to ensure adherence to legal regulations. We specialise in frameworks like ISO/IEC27001:2022, which aids organisations in risk management and compliance. Our consultancy extends to vital areas such as Data Privacy, Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) Technology Risk Management Guidelines, Personal Data Protection Act, and Data Protection Trust Mark.

Digital Asset Technical Audit

Our comprehensive technical audit process meticulously uncovers potential security vulnerabilities, assesses the efficacy of current controls, and proposes refinements to elevate your security measures. This thorough assessment encompasses a detailed evaluation of your prevailing cybersecurity framework which includes identifying of digital assets, scrutiny of access controls, analysis of network security, appraisal of data safeguarding protocols, examination of application security, conducting a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), development of incident response strategies, and verification of adherence to industry benchmarks. These evaluations are orchestrated by accomplished Security Assessors, who hold esteemed accreditations such as CREST or OSCP certifications.

Managed Cyber Defence

Our Managed Cyber Defence service deploys a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our adept team of cyber defenders provides vigilant threat surveillance, rapid threat response, and efficient mitigation strategies across various domains including data centers, networks, end-user devices, email communications, and confidential data. Through constant security data analysis, we thwart potential perpetrators and defuse emerging cyber threats, mitigating risks of major security breaches.  

Corporate Training

Training (Classroom/ Webinar)

Employees, often a vulnerable point, can inadvertently facilitate cyber breaches through tactics like phishing and social engineering. To counter these vulnerabilities, businesses must embrace tailored, engaging, and interactive training that spans crucial topics, including malware vigilance, password security, data protection, and compliance with regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Regular updates are vital to address emerging threats and trends, ensuring the training's relevance and effectiveness.

Technology Leadership as a Service

Technology Leadership as a Service (TLaaS)

At Exordium, we understand the central role technology plays in modern businesses. To maintain a competitive edge and foster sustainable growth, a well-defined strategic technology vision becomes imperative. Nevertheless, hiring a full-time Technology Leadership such as CTO, CISO can pose significant financial obligations, especially for startups and SMEs. This is precisely where our Technology Leadership as a Service (TLaaS) steps in - granting you access to top-tier technology expertise without the burden of a full-time executive. Our TLaaS empowers you to accelerate your technological growth, mitigate technology-related risks, enhance data security, while concurrently maintaining cost-effectiveness. What truly sets them apart is their extensive, invaluable experience in successfully listing and managing NASDAQ-listed companies.

Tap on our expertise

Our team of experienced consultants provides invaluable support to organisations aiming to enhance their cybersecurity stance. Through diligent guidance, we assist in reducing vulnerabilities to cyber threats and breaches. We prioritise the safeguarding of your digital assets, thereby creating a secure environment that fortifies your organisation's reputation.

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